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Maxwell's Demons is OUT NOW by DrManhattan-VA
Inner Light by Manticora-Miorro
Blu horizon by CristianoReina
Sweet eyes by CristianoReina
Digital art
Summer Party by n2n44
White Party by n2n44
Karaoke Night by n2n44
Summer Flyer by n2n44
Acer self by ImperataLexinor
Silver november by ImperataLexinor
November snow by ImperataLexinor
Wolfsoul by ImperataLexinor
Traditional art
Incubo by TeresaGuido
Chibi Yuka by himegirl15
X men Mistique by himegirl15
Resident Evil Ashley Graham by himegirl15
Ned and Samantha Bug Comic by michael-bowers
Metal Made Flesh: Vengeance - Page 3  - Ink by DrManhattan-VA
Stingray - page 8 by CristianoReina
Stingray - page 7 by CristianoReina
Hipster Themed Private Party in Club by n2n44
Deadly Sound Club Metal Party by n2n44
Fun Summer Party by n2n44
Tata by ImperataLexinor
Artisan Crafts
Lagoon by Aeria-Model
Royal Treasure.Close-Up by Aeria-Model
Royal Treasure by Aeria-Model
Atlantice by Aeria-Model

Group Info

This group is to share art that you think is AWESOME. No matter what it is, feel free to submit it (obviously with artist's permission)
Founded 7 Years ago
May 14, 2011


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Art Collection

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Anything awesome

130 Members
106 Watchers
6,205 Pageviews
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Looking for new admins

I've came on board of this group in 2011, still in my teens and full of energy. In 2012, though, I've started to spend less and less time on deviantART (and, as a consequence, in this group, which was not looked after since mid-2012). I went to university, I was introduced to Steam and CSGO, with each passing year there was more schoolwork, priorities changed. I lost my touch for art (also my tablet broke). I found out that my photos are becoming repetitive and I was also out of ideas — so my camera started gathering dust as well. This eventually ended up in my hiatus from deviantART.

So now I've returned (and I'll try to stay here for a while as well). After all this time, this group still isn't dead yet. Things have changed, though — out of the three original group staff, I'm the only one remaining, and perhaps this isn't the best. Turns out, I can invite people to the co-founder and contributor positions. If you want to be a contributor or co-founder, let me know.

Minimum requirements for position:
  • be a member.
  • Be more active than me.
  • Some taste in art (so the 'Featured' folder doesn't get filled with crap).

Number two. Changes.

Gallery: 'Featured' folder

When I opened the gallery page, I noticed that all the 'random featured' stuff was mine. That's a problem because the thing that annoys me the most in other groups is when founder uses its 'featured' folder as a soapbox for their own work. Needless to say, I've thrown most (but not all) of my deviations from the 'featured' folder. It now also features some new good additions from other artists.

Now, some of you may ask: why did 'Featured' folder feature only my artwork? Well.

When I upload a new artwork, I can elect to [auto-submit it to the groups I'm admin of]( In our case, the default folder is 'featured' and I was too lazy to change it. Shame on me.

Gallery: Folder removals

I've removed three folders. Reason: they were pretty empty (<3 deviations) or they contained content that's decidedly not (good) art.
  • Digital (other) — It contained grand total of 1 submissions. That's a pretty useless folder. Removed.
  • Fractals — this folder contained grand total of 0 (zero) submissions.
  • Demotivational-like — Demotivational posters were a hip pre-cursor to modern day image macros. It has little to no artistic qualities and it pretty much doesn't qualify as art.
    That, and it also contained a grand total of one (1) submissions.

Number 2.1: Changes to follow

Founders and co-founders

I'll fill a ticket to see if I can take ownership of the group, given our founder has deactivated his deviantART account.

Group logo

Does anyone think our group logo is kinda bad or looks dated? I think we could get a new one. I have to think that through though, I'd like to hear feedback. Though I probably won't. Comments are below.

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